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Travel Tournaments



Boys Traveling Basketball Tournament Dates are now Feb. 20-21st

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Girls Traveling Basketball Tournament Dates are now Jan. 30-31st

Coaches and Association Representatives:

We are excited to host your teams in the upcoming tournament!  Under the necessary, but ever-changing COVID rules, we’ve been working overtime to construct a safe, fun, competitive tournament. We can’t wait to see your teams and are excited to get back to playing games.  

With COVID there are a lot of rules and regulations that we will need to ensure we follow. 


  • The brackets have just been posted. They are available on Tourney Machine.
  • Scheduling was exceptionally difficult this year given that: (1) we lost three facilities due to COVID, (2) we wanted to keep each bracket to one day only, and (3) we wanted to ensure there was at least an hour between your potential games in order to keep players rested and keep it easier on moving teams in and out of the facilities.  
  • This will require some brackets and teams to have games throughout the full day.  Unfortunately with how brackets work some teams may have a few hours between games.  We know this is not ideal since you can't stay in the facility, but it was a necessity to keep the brackets at one day and at least the hour break.  
  • This also means we did have to schedule one set of games at 8 PM each night in Burnsville.  We know this isn't ideal, but kept it to the older age groups.  
  • Finally, if we have teams drop out due to COVID we will try to adjust the brackets, we will keep you updated on potential changes.  


We have three sites. We tried to keep most brackets at the same facility, but were not able to do it for all.  

  • Burnsville High School: 600 State Hwy 13, Burnsville, MN 55337
  • Apple Valley Community Center: 14603 Hayes Road, Apple Valley, MN 55124
  • Eagan Community Center: 1501 Central Pkwy, Eagan, MN 55121


  • The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has set forth spectator admission rules based on facility size, spacing between courts and spectator areas, and various other COVID-specific considerations. Under these MDH rules, we are limited by MDH to allowing 10 players for each team and 10 adults for each team. The ten adults encompass the coaches and all spectators.
  • When they arrive at their first game, Coaches should check in. They will then receive 10 wristbands for adults that will enter with their team. This total of 10 adults includes the coaches.
  • Every Association will need to provide their coach's name, cell phone number, and a list of everyone that will be attending the games.  We will cross check this before the first game with the waivers for each participant.  
  • There will not be an admission charge.
  • We are hopeful that the parent(s) that are able to attend with the team will be able to stream the game in some way for the other families

Team Rosters & Waiver: 

  • Please fill out the waiver that we will need for all parents and players who will enter the building.
  • All players, spectators, and coaches who enter the building must complete and sign a waiver, including phone number.
  • Participants will not be able to play without a signed waiver.

Entering and Exiting:

  • Everyone must wait outside until the teams from the previous game have left the building and the court has been sanitized.
  • Head coaches may come into the building before their game to collect their teams wristbands and will be in charge of distributing to any other coaches and the couple spectators.
  • We will notify the head coach when it is ok for the coaches, players and the spectators to come inside.
  • The team will then be notified when they can head to their court. At that time, the entire group (all 10 persons) can proceed to the court.
  • All attendees must leave the facility immediately if their team is not currently playing. (No after game meetings in the building.)

Face Coverings:

  • All participants and spectators (players, coaches, officials, staff, spectators and game personnel) will be required to wear face coverings during warm ups, game time, and when on the bench. No mesh masks allowed.
  • There is no exception to this rule at the present time.
  • Individuals without a face covering will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Safety While at the Facility:

  • All attendees must maintain six feet distance, whenever possible from anyone outside their household.
  • Since spectators are limited, consider designating someone at the game to record the game and share it online (Facebook Live, etc.)
  • We will not have brackets posted at our facilities to prevent people gathering.
  • Please download the Tourney Machine App as that is where all brackets, updates and scores will be posted.

Concessions/Drinking Fountains:

  • We will NOT be having concessions at our tournament this year.
  • Drinking fountains will be turned off. 

COVID Contact for our Association:

  • If you, or your association, have a COVID exposure to report after the tournament – please immediately contact Matt Becker at

Thank you for participating in the Apple Valley Tournament