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VAA Volleyball

Welcome to VAA Volleyball!

We have two different options for volleyball here at VAA. We have co-ed community volleyball and girls traveling/club volleyball. Feel free to look over both options to find the best fit for you!

 What's the difference between community and traveling/club volleyball?

Community Volleyball:

Come join us in community volleyball if you have any interest in the following:

  • a variety of games and practices over the course of the season
  • co-ed athletes (boys and girls are welcome)
  • recreational and basic skill development
  • one single tournament at the end of the season
  • an opportunity to play in all different positions on the court
  • prepare for traveling and club advancement 
  • participating with or against surrounding communities  (BAC, EAA)

Traveling/Club Volleyball:

Come join us in traveling/club volleyball if you have any interest in the following:

  • team placement by tryouts
  • girl athletes aged 14 and under (usually 5th-8th grades)
  • competitive and advanced skill development
  • multiple tournaments in a season
  • playing a specialized position with substitution instead of rotating
  • fall traveling is a short season to prepare for winter
  • winter club is also known as power league or JO (Junior Olympics)

Jason Vath
Commissioner, VAA Volleyball