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Financial Assistance Details


Please read this policy and procedure in its entirety.



The Valley Athletic Association (VAA) seeks to provide recreational opportunities for all community and traveling sport participants living in the ISD 196 area. This policy establishes a program which may provide some financial assistance for need-based families.


A parent or legal guardian of a participant, who lives in the ISD 196 area and is receiving free or reduced school lunches or can demonstrate a special hardship case, may apply for financial assistance by using the Financial Assistance Application Form. 

The price for financial assistance for community sports will be approved by the VAA Board of Directors at the sport’s budget proposal meeting. The minimum fee will be no less than the $30 Admin fee.

Financial Assistance for Traveling Sports, Football and Lacrosse: The non-refundable fee for all Traveling Sports, Football and Lacrosse are updated yearly before the registration opens at the commissioner or sport director’s discretion and approved by the VAA Board of Directors. The assigned participation fee must be paid by the applicant.

Some sports may require volunteer hours or additional fees for uniforms, tournaments, clinics, or fundraising. Financial assistance will not cover these additional fees. All fees above and beyond the registration fee are the responsibility of the participant.

Proof of eligibility must be submitted along with the Application Form (see Procedure below for link to form). All information provided must be true and accurate. Failure to provide complete information may result in denial of application. Providing false information may result in immediate suspension from all VAA programs for every member of the participant’s family for a period of up to one year.

You must email/scan a free/reduced lunch document from the school district and a completed financial assistance application which can be downloaded below.

Eligibility for VAA financial assistance does not guarantee that you will receive assistance.

The financial assistance fee must be paid within seven days or you will risk losing the assistance.

Applicants may request financial assistance for a maximum of one sport per participant per registration period, for a maximum of three requests per participant per year.

  • All payments must be made online with a credit card. Do not send payment in the mail.
  • No financial assistance will be available for off-season clinics.
  • No refunds are given for financial assistance fees unless participant is not placed on a team.
  • Financial Assistance Application Forms will not be accepted during Wait List Registration period or once registration is closed.
  • Financial Assistance will not be granted for registration fees already paid.


***VAA will use reasonable care to keep all information provided confidential.***




  1. Email/Scan completed Financial Assistance Application Form (download from link below) – one form per child per sport - and proof of eligibility (qualification letter for free or reduced lunch in ISD 196) to: After application is received by VAA, you will be emailed a discount code to use when paying for registration.

  2. If your application is accepted, we will email you a discount use when registering.  You must then go online and pay with a credit card
  3. ***Non-payment of any fees above and beyond the VAA financial assistance may result in participant becoming ineligible for the current and/or future sports season. If online payment is not received by the registration deadline, there is no guarantee that a spot will be available for the participant.***